Dress Up Jojo

Publisher: Twirl

This bright and bold board book showcases little rabbit Jojo in a variety of costumes. Each page has a slide tab that makes Jojo move about or put on a costume. The text explains the new outfit and then has some dialogue from Jojo: ‘Jojo covers himself with snow’; 'I am a snowman! Hello, winter!'.

The pages are thick and durable with easy-to-move slides, although they are not particularly easy for tiny fingers. However, children will enjoy the different things the tabs do: the best one is when Jojo dresses up as a space alien and the tab sends his eyeballs spinning around. The final spread shows Jojo off on an adventure, piloting his own airplane. This a nice example of how much children love to play make-believe, and could lead to some fun dressing-up games at home with young ones.

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