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Publisher: Black and White Publishing

Sarah Midnight has spent her life keeping secrets. Plagued by nightmares that always come true, she has much to hide. But when her parents are murdered, Sarah begins to discover just how many secrets have been kept from her. Part of a clandestine web of hidden families, Sarah’s parents were demon-hunters, protecting the world from primeval forces. Now, Sarah is in the greatest danger. Someone is trying to exterminate the families and bring the time of demons to reign once again over the world.

Harry Midnight is about to die and, poisoned by those he trusted, he knows the next target will be Sarah. Desperate to protect her, he convinces Sean Hannay, his closest friend and a feared warrior, to watch over her. With Sean’s help, Sarah must learn to accept her legacy before it is too late…

Dreams intertwines gothic mystery with the challenges of adolescence to create a book that teen readers will find difficult to put down. The plot moves at breakneck speed slowed only by the smouldering intensity of Sarah and Sean’s deepening relationship. Keeping readers gripped from the first chapters through to its startling ending, Dreams is the first in an exciting new trilogy.

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