Dream Magic (Shadow Magic #2)

Publisher: Scholastic

Lilith Shadow, the reluctant ruler of Gehenna, has a lot on her plate. Her subjects keep disappearing in what look like troll attacks, her forbidden magical powers are growing stronger and more unmanageable and her kingdom is flooded with zombies. It is little surprise then that she rarely sees her friend Thorn, a squire in the stables. But when Lilith is attacked in her own castle by a powerful magician called the Dreamweaver, the two friends must band together to save the day.

This is the second instalment in the Shadow Magic series and it does not disappoint. Once again Khan has produced an exciting page turner, filled with magic and mystery. His unique characters continue to delight as we learn more of their pasts and what drives them forward in a world where darkness and death are not to be feared. A thrilling read that will leave you wanting more.

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