Dragon World

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

Dragons have existed in mythology for centuries, and this marvellous collection of stories, legends and traditions from around the globe explores their origins, the different forms they take and the powers they wield.

The first two chapters focus on Asian and European dragons, while the third presents examples from the rest of the world. The locations of these formidable creatures are plotted on maps of each region, and some are examined in more depth on subsequent pages. Discover the range of forms taken by the Chinese Long, compare the Indian and Indonesian Naga, and read stories based on legends from Japan, Wales and West Africa.

The final section, entitled ‘Dragon Discoveries’, looks at objects such as dragon eggs and jewels. Also mentioned are ‘living dragons’, for example the Komodo dragon lizard, pink dragon millipede and snapdragon flowers. There is even a step-by-step guide to drawing a dragon, with some ideas for readers to design their own mythical beasts.

Marvellous full-page illustrations, which use a rich, vibrant colour palette, bring these superb creatures to life.

This unusual reference book, which includes a comprehensive glossary and index, would make an ideal gift for children interested in dragon mythology.

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