Dragon Loves Penguin

Publisher: Bloomsbury

The dragons have settled in the land of ice and snow, and their eggs are waiting to hatch, but one dragon doesn't have an egg to care for. Sometimes things happen for a reason and when she discovers a lone egg she knows she is meant to protect it. Her baby is soft and fluffy where the other newborns are tough and scaly; they tease the Little One when the big dragons are away. But the Little One has courage, and one dangerous day she saves the dragons, and comes face to face with her own egg...

A clever frame narrative adds a whole extra dimension to this delightful story of family love. Debi Gliori's illustrations have a new style - using charcoal and watercolours but they retain their cute and familiar charm. This will make a perfect present for Christmas time that celebrates mothers (and Grandmothers!) Despites its frosty setting this story radiates warmth from within.

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