Don’t Spill the Milk

Publisher: Andersen Press

Penda lives in a tiny African village. One day, Mum announces she’s taking a bowl of milk to Dad, minding sheep up in the grasslands. Penda is desperate to take it instead. ‘Don’t spill it!’ warns Mum.

Penda’s journey is long: through dunes, over rivers up mountains, past camels, desert dins and masked dancers. Steadfastly, she goes onwards, always keeping the bowl steady. 

But just as she hands Dad the bowl – SPLOSH!  In falls a mango and the milk’s gone!  Dad comforts Penda: better than milk, there was love in that bowl.  They share the mango – and there’s a slice left for Mum too.

Penda’s journey winds its way across the generous double-page spreads of this beautifully detailed, vibrantly colourful story which brings the African setting vividly to life. A lovely book about trying hard, family and love.

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