Don't Do That!

Publisher: Andersen Press

“Nellie had a pretty nose. It was so pretty that it won pretty nose competitions.”

It even won her a part in the Christmas play.  But Nellie and her friends (also with pretty noses) do something no angel ever should: put their fingers up their noses! And then horror: Nellie can’t get her finger out!

No-one – and I mean no-one – can get her finger out: teachers, Nellie’s Mum, doctors, policemen, conjurers, farmers, firemen and scientists all try in vain. Only her brother, Henry, has the answer...!

Narrated with Ross’s customary deadpan panache, and accompanied by Henry’s plaintive refrain of “I can get it out” and illustrations full of visual hilarity, this is a deceptively simple but very funny cautionary tale.

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