Dogger's Christmas

Publisher: Puffin

It's Christmas and Dave, Bella and Joe are very excited for the big day. On Christmas Eve, Dave snuggles into bed with Dogger, his cuddly dog and most favourite toy.

On Christmas Day, everyone exchanges presents and Dave is really happy with his new building bricks. Then, Grandpa and Granny arrive and everyone sits down to lunch and has a wonderful day. When bedtime comes, Dave is too sleepy to notice that Dogger isn't in bed as normal, but when he wakes up in the night and cries for his toy, Dogger is nowhere to be found.

The next day, despite searching everywhere, Dogger is still missing. Where can he be? Finally, thanks to some quick thinking by Bella, Dogger is found - and not a moment too soon!

Calm, classic and atmospheric as ever, Shirley Hughes' new Dogger book is full of her instantly recognisable warm and charming pictures and the gentle trials and tribulations of the very young.

Parents of little ones know well what losing a favourite toy can mean, especially at Christmas: thankfully, it's a happy ending for Dave and Dogger. A lovely festive read, perfect for the days coming up to Christmas.

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