Doctor Who: The Secret in Vault 13

Publisher: Penguin/BBC

A dark secret locked inside an ancient vault; three long-lost keys; an evil alien intent on destroying the universe. Oh, and a talking plant. This talking begonia’s cry for help reveals that the galaxy is in dire peril, and naturally only Doctor Who (Jodie Whitaker’s incarnation specifically), along with her friends Yaz, Ryan and Graham, can save the day.

So begins a mission to Vault 13 – but what’s in there? The team must venture across space and time to find the lost keys and get into Vault 13 before the villainous Deadly Nightshade does. Battling Frankenstein teachers, giant rodents, and venturing inside the Tardis’s mind are everyday activities for them – but is this the one disaster the Doctor is powerless to prevent?

This rip-roaring and fast-paced sci-fi adventure is additional to the stories of the TV series rather than being a book adaptation. It brilliantly conjures the familiar characters and the quirky nature of the show, but could also easily be read completely independently of the series altogether. So, Doctor Who fan or not, it’s perfect for anyone who loves action and adventure with a monsterific science fiction twist.

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