Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder: The End of the World. Maybe.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Strange things are afoot in Norway. Socks are disappearing at an unprecedented rate, speech impediments are increasing and a singing Chiropractor has seized control of the country. If the rumours once overheard by Doctor Proctor are true, hypnotic, haemorrhoid-afflicted Moon Chameleons are about to strike. It is only a matter of time before these baboon-bottomed beasts begin toasting the entire human race in over-sized waffle-irons. Luckily, a team of gallant heroes including a super-powered frog, a very strict school-teacher and a girl with braids, are on hand to save the day and, quite possibly, the world. 

Brimming with irreverence and surreal humour, Nesbo's anarchic tale has the power to engage even the most reluctant of readers. This novel sweeps the reader along on an irresistible adventure to its hilarious conclusion.

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