Do You Speak English, Moon?

Publisher: Orion

When a little boy decides to talk to the moon, it seems the questions he has are suddenly endless. He wants to know all about what the moon can see and how far his gaze reaches: to the top of a mountain; to the sea and then under it too? He wants to know how many friends the moon has, and if he gets lonely because they’re so far away. He learns the names of the stars as he ventures on his own night time tour of the moonlit sky. The little boy says he gets lonely sometimes, but now he knows the Moon speaks English, they can always talk to each other.

Tiny tots will enjoy these large luscious spreads of night time fantasy. There are lovely scenes to look at including deep-diving mermaids and cloud-topped mountains, smiling tigers and lots of happy children all looking out to the moon. The minimal text keeps the idea simple and is sure to encourage children to add their own questions for the Moon before bedtime.

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