Publisher: Andersen Press

Denver lives in Berton Manor and he is very, very rich! He employs chauffeurs, cooks, gardeners, butlers; he donates school prizes and plays Santa at Christmas; the villagers adore him. He also loves to paint. One day a stranger appears, spreading discontent: “Why should Denver have so much money and you so little?” he asks. Mutterings begin. 

Devastated, Denver sells everything; he shares his money between himself and the villagers and moves away. When their spending spree is over, the villagers realise their community misses Denver. Meanwhile, Denver is happily painting; he sells some pictures, and soon begins to make money…

This is vintage McKee, with striking colours and page layouts and illustrations suggesting something surreal or even slightly disturbing. McKee provides an intriguing exploration of the unforseen complexities underlying this apparently straightforward fable about wealth.   

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