Dear Dylan

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Electric Monkey

Unlike all her friends, 14 year old Georgie is dreading the summer holidays. Banned from going to the drama workshop by her bullying stepdad, she is consigned to six weeks of looking after her little sister, and worrying about her fragile mum.

The one bright spark is emailing Dylan Curtland, the star of soap opera Jessop Close. Georgie can't believe her luck when he actually starts replying to her heartfelt messages, giving her advice and helping with her problems. But things take an unexpected turn when she discovers it's not really Dylan who has been emailing her - it's in fact his equally lonely mum...

A tender-hearted and funny teenage novel about the power of even the most unlikely friendships, with a wonderfully effervescent and likable heroine, Dear Dylan was a deserving winner of the 2010 Young Minds Book Award.

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