Dead Rules

Publisher: Quercus

In this dark but funny novel, R.S. Russell envisages what would happen if teenagers who have died in traumatic circumstances were transported to 'Dead School', where they remain exactly as they were on death - often horribly disfigured and dressed in the clothes they died in.

The story focuses on recently deceased pupil Jana, who is determined that her death will not separate her from her boyfriend, and so plots to arrange his death so they can be together forever. Gradually, the back story of the main characters is revealed, suggesting that not just their appearances, but also their personalities have remained unchanged by death - though some, like handsome Mars, may be seeking to atone for their past mistakes.

In spite of the grisly theme, Russell reveals much about friendship, loyalty and growing up - and the importance of responsibility to ourselves and others - in this witty novel of the undead.

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