Dave's Cave

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Dave the caveman has a great cave: it's got comfy rocks and green grass. Basically, the cave is perfect, except for the fact that Dave yearns for more. So he sets out to find a better cave, but soon learns that nothing is as good as the place he started with. Finally, Dave realises that his cave is perfect after all - and that there's no place like home.

Written in sparse text with "caveman" speech - 'This Dave', 'This Dave's cave' and so on - this amusing and original picture book conveys a simple idea with panache and wit. Dave is a loveable character and parents will enjoy reading his caveman voice for fun at bedtime.

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Author: James Mayhew Illustrator: James Mayhew

Boy, a cave-boy, thinks the cave where he lives with his mother and father is too cold and dark. He tries a variety of other places to sleep, but all prove to be too dangerous.

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Dave's Rock

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In this the follow-up to Dave's Cave, two cavemen friends endeavour to prove they have the better rock. The language is delivered in great improvised caveman speak, while the illustrations are stylistic and help pull off the visual gags.

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