Darcy Burdock: Hi So Much

Publisher: Corgi

Irrepressible Darcy Burdock is back in this lively sequel to Laura Dockrill's first book for children. Here, 11-year-old Darcy has to face a terrifying new challenge: starting 'Big School'. How will she cope with her terrible uniform ('prison garments'), and 'dompy' new school shoes? How will she squeeze all this new stuff into her head without going pop? Is her new teacher really a warty witch? And why is her best friend Will being so weird? Things hit rock bottom when her beloved pet lamb, Lamb-Beth disappears - but as always, Darcy has a talent for finding her way out of catastrophe.

Full of wacky invention and fun, fans of the first Darcy Burdock book will be delighted by this second offering from Dockrill. With some poignant moments as well as lots of laugh-out-loud humour, this is also a great book for those dealing with the challenges of starting secondary school. It's a wonderful tribute to the power of creativity, imagination and being yourself, as Darcy's love of writing sustains her through all the difficulties that face her. When she is invited to write for the school magazine, she refuses to be quashed by unpleasant older boy Olly who tries to put her down, and ultimately finds success by approaching her writing in her own distinctive way.  

Scribbly illustrations, quirky poems and stories from Darcy sprinkle the text, and the compact format helps to make this a particualrly appealing package for readers of 9 and upwards.

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