Dara Palmer's Major Drama

Publisher: Chicken House

Dara Palmer and best friend, Lacey, are - obviously - destined for Hollywood.  But when Dara isn't picked to be Maria in The Sound of Music andthe drama teacher says she can't act, her life practically ends! Dara's from Cambodia, adopted as a baby: unlike the average Hollywood A-Lister, let alone Maria, her skin's dark chocolate.

Joining drama group teaches her that acting goes deeper than making faces, and when Cambodian friend, Vanna, returns to the Happy Angels orphanage in Cambodia to fill in the blanks in their stories, Dara begins to accept her heritage and appreciate her family anew.

Fresh, funny, fizzy and indomitable, Dara learns through acting to face challenging home truths about what she calls the 'insidey bits' of herself, friends and family.

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