Amalia Hernàndez and el Ballet Folklórico de México

Publisher: Abrams and Chronicle

Danza! explores the life of one of the most celebrated dancers and choreographers in the 20th Century, Amalia Hernandez, and the formation of the world-famous dance company Folkloric Ballet.

As a child, Amalia watched a group of dancers in the town square, enchanted by the way they stomped and swayed to the rhythm of the music. After studying ballet and modern dance, Amalia travelled throughout the Mexican countryside to discover and learn the various traditional dances in across the regions, which she later adapted to the stage and performed with the company she founded, Folkloric Ballet.

Using his signature illustration style and inspired by the ancient art of the Mixtecs, Duncan Tonatiuh brings to life this fascinating and insightful story of Amalia Hernàndez. By using the universal language of dance, the book is great for those who love to move and groove!

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