Dancing Birds and Singing Apes

How animals say I love you

Publisher: Wren & Rook

Are humans the only creatures to go on dates, give gifts to say ‘I love you’ or dress in their best clothes to make a good impression? Absolutely not! Animals, birds and insects from all over the world have their own unique ways of finding, and keeping, a mate.

In the sun-drenched forests of New Guinea, the male bird of paradise dances and displays his electric blue plumage to a female admirer, while deep down on the ocean floor a pufferfish makes a gleaming underwater castle for his prospective mate.

Meanwhile, in the frozen wilderness of Antarctica, a Gentoo penguin is searching for the smoothest, roundest pebble to impress his chosen partner. And high in the treetops in Borneo, Müeller’s gibbons sing a duet to announce that they are now a couple.

Stunning, detailed illustrations bring each ritual vividly to life while imaginative typography and engaging text explain the fascinating things animals do to find a partner. Take this whistle-stop journey around the world and you’ll see romance and courtship in a whole new light!

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