Dalmatian in a Digger

Publisher: Curious Fox

A puppy is woken up one day by a loud "dugger dugger" noise, and discovers that there’s a dalmatian scooping up dirt in a big yellow digger outside. Next, the puppy hears a "brmmm brmmm wheee" and finds that it’s a camel in a crane, lifting logs! Whatever next?

The dump trucks and diggers are very noisy but there’s lots of fun to be had riding around on them, and when the puppy realises that the vehicles are all working together on something very special indeed, they’re even more excited.

Packed with cute animals and brilliant trucks, cranes and bulldozers, this exciting picture book has lots of fun sounds to try out and information about what each vehicle does, such as lifting or carrying, etc. There's also a relatably excited puppy who loves watching them go about their work.

The book is a super-fun interactive read for toddlers, many of whom will already be into diggers and trucks – but even if not, they’ll love the excitement of finding out just what all those busy machines are up to.

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