Attack of the Necron

Warhammer Adventures

Publisher: Games Workshop

In the far future, 12-year-old Zelia Lor travels from planet to planet with her mother, who is an archaeologist of alien technology. But when they are attacked by ancient, terrifying robot warriors, Zelia is separated from her mother and has to run for her life, together with street thug Talen, Mekki the Martian boy who can communicate with computers, and Erasmus, a man who hides a dark secret.

As they battle the Necrons and try to survive the perils of space travel, Zelia has to take charge. But the real danger is closer to home than she could imagine.

This tense, exciting, action-packed adventure is full of strong female characters and sensitive, complex male characters. It would be a great read for children who love the Star Wars universe. Although the plot revolves around battles, weapons and fighting, moral lines are clearly drawn and the violence is age-appropriate. Zelia is a brave, bright heroine and promises to be lots of fun to travel the universe with. This book is the first in a series that is likely to grip a wide range of ages.

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