Animal 123

Publisher: Happy Yak

In this lovely and colourful board book, there’s one big bear eating honey, two happy crocodiles with sharp white teeth and three sneaky raccoons enjoying a tasty snack. There are even 12 grinning fish, swimming in the sea! In fact, there’s a herd of silly animals, all come to say hello to the young reader of this counting book.

Nikolas Ilic’s lovely counting book takes little ones all the way up to 12 rather than ten, but also introduces young readers to an adjective that describes each set of animals (pesky, grumpy, sneaky), as well as an action for each group: munching on a carrot, making lots of noise, sitting in the rain. So, rather than just being a point-and-say numbers book, this is giving families a little more content, too.

As well as that, Ilic’s colourful, funny and chaotic illustrations are full of movement and action, meaning there’s lots of interest for little ones and a fun reading experience for adults as well.

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