Almost Anything

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Everyone in the woods is having a fun day doing this and that: Otter is painting, Hedgehog is dancing, Fox is kite-flying. George, however, isn’t doing anything. George is doing nothing. Not because he doesn’t want to join in, but because he thinks he can’t join in. His paws are too big for flying kites, he’s too wibbly wobbly for roller-skating; he just can’t. But wise old Bear has a solution for George: a magic hat that will enable him to do almost anything at all…

Sophy Henn has the perfect touch when it comes to tapping into childhood emotions and readers both young and old will completely relate to George’s wobbly feelings about trying new things. With the help of his special hat, George discovers he can do all sorts of this and that. Gradually he starts to believe in himself and, when the hat gets lost, Bear reveals that George – like everyone – had his own special magic all along and the hat was just a helping hand.

With gorgeous illustrations and lovely clear text, this is a brilliant book for sharing, and for giving little ones a little extra self-belief.

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