All to Play For

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Lewis loves football but his mum won’t let him play. Not only is the equipment and training too expensive, she also blames football for the tragic death of his father when Lewis was just a baby.

Lewis secretly hones his skills using an old ball round the back of their block of flats. Although he’s envious when his friends Jermaine and Harry head off to a summer football camp at Ace Academy, he is resigned to the fact that he can never join them.

However, when one of the Ace Academy coaches spots him practising and recognises his talent, he offers Lewis free training sessions. Lewis is overjoyed but his mother is furious. How can he persuade her to let him pursue his passion when it causes her so much pain?

This slim book is specifically aimed at dyslexic and reluctant readers. Thoughtfully designed, the off-white pages reduce visual stress and a special font helps avoid confusing letter shapes.

The story is aimed at the age of the child rather than their reading age and is specially edited to help minimise barriers to comprehension. Black-and-white drawings feature throughout each of the short chapters.

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