Publisher: Atom Books

Jeane Smith is an international teen queen: award-winning blogger, trend-spotter and self-declared 'iconoclast in training'. Yet although she has half a million twitter followers and has turned her own unique brand of dorkiness into a popular lifestyle brand, her boldly mismatched jumble sale outfits, ever-changing hair colour and outspoken opinions mean she's something of an outcast amongst her fellow pupils at St Jude's school -  not that she cares of course.

Michael Lee is the St Jude's golden boy - academically successful, captain of the football team, and adored by girls everywhere. There's even an ode to his cheekbones written up on the wall of the girls toilets. But as far as Jeane's concerned he's simply bland and mass-market, right down to his predictable Jack Wills hoodies and Abercrombie t-shirts. The two of them have nothing in common except that their exes have unexpectedly fallen for each other - so why are they inexplicably drawn together?

A quirky, appealing and original young adult romance told from two contrasting perspectives, and offering a frank depiction of teenage sexuality, Adorkable is a sharp-eyed and funny insight into relationships for the Rookie generation. Exploring what it means to stand out from the crowd or to fit in, there are some powerful messages here about finding your identity and being true to yourself, as well as an inspiring sense of optimism about the future for today's teens.

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