ABC Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures

Publisher: Heinemann

While a Brachiosaurus lays an egg, two nearby Allosauruses play happily and a Gallimimus seems to snap open the top of a Hypsilophodon egg with its teeth.

Meanwhile, a Nothosaurus swims on its back, nipping someone else’s tail, and the winged Pterodactyl, Quetzalcoatlus and Rhamphorhyncus fly over an erupting volcano.

Last, a little boy hangs happily from the jaws of a dinosaur skeleton in a museum.

This big format dinosaur pop-up book may not contain any information about the dinos features, but it’s the pop-up papercraft that’s the real star here. There’s actually quite a lot to notice, once you realise that each dinosaur’s scales or skin are patterned with the letter of its name, so you can tell who’s who, and pulling all the levers and pulleys is also great fun.

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