A Super Weird! Mystery: Danger at Donut Diner

Publisher: Farshore

A new home and school on Donut Island is a fresh start for Melvin. He’s desperate to befriend Hector and join ‘The Cool Doods’ but ends up with oddballs Rhubarb and Yoshi. The pair fancy themselves as top detectives but are currently investigating a disappearing cucumber slice! 

Meanwhile, an eerie smell in the town becomes overpowering. Children begin acting strangely, as if in a trance, and the hole in the centre of Donut Island that was covered up decades ago begins to reappear. Melvin needs Rhubarb and Yoshi’s help to defeat the menacing supernatural force.

This unabashedly silly story from Jim Smith is great fun to read, and Melvin teaches children an important lesson about being true to themselves and proud of their uniqueness.

Its short chapters, wild and wacky drawings, and big, bold, text ensure that every page is captivating - a perfect book for young fans of comics and cartoons.

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