A Quiet Day in the Jungle

Publisher: Picture Corgi

The jungle animals are enjoying a quiet day in the sun. Rhinos are relaxing, snakes are sunbathing and hippos are hiding until, suddenly, ten puffer fish pounce and chaos ensues. There are flapping flamingoes, somersaulting snakes and panicking parrots. Even the solitary lion leaps into the air and roars, sending birds and beasts flying. Gradually, everyone settles back down again to snooze in the sunshine,  but as they doze off, a naughty monkey gets very close to the lion's twitching tail…

This is a colourful counting book with plenty of alliteration and vibrant illustrations of African animals by Britta Teckentrup. Part of Corgi's My First Picture Book series aimed at the youngest readers, this is an appealing and entertaining way to help children to learn both their numbers and the names of all the creatures featured in the pages.

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