A Dose of Dr Dog

Publisher: Random House

Doctor Dog, favourite pet and resident physician to the health-hazard Gumboyle family, is taking a well-deserved break on a tropical island. Until, that is, the Gumboyles turn up – poor Doctor Dog, they need rescuing (yet again) from a variety of nasty holiday ailments! Teaming up with Professor Dash Hund and his herbal garden, Doctor Dog uses herbal remedies like aloe vera to deal with mosquito bites, sunburn and a big, round, juicy boil.

But the Gumboyles have one problem that even the duo of doctor dogs can't solve – a dangerous plant is lurking near their campsite, which could strike at any moment…

The focus on tropical diseases means A Dose of Doctor Dog is not as educational in its focus as the first in the series, Doctor Dog, but it also means that Babette Cole’s anarchic sense of humour can be fully unleashed. One thing does remain, however: rest assured, nothing gross or rude is left unexplored!

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