A Dog Called Grk

(2 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Andersen Press

Returning a lost dog doesn't usually involve running away to obscure European countries, stealing helicopters, masterminding jail breaks and fleeing despotic generals. But for Tim Malt, it does! When Tim finds a dog named Grk, he discovers its owner is Natasha Raffifi. Her father is the Stanislavian ambassador in London and following a coup by evil General Zinfandel, the family have been imprisoned in Stanislavia and need help. One international incident later, Tim's mission to reunite dog and owner is completed. Even his work-obsessed parents are impressed and the loveless boredom of his life changes for ever.

A high-octane plot, filled with action, suspense and humour, along with an element of dark political seriousness, combine to create a hugely entertaining read.

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