2019 Nature Month-By-Month

A Children’s Almanac

Publisher: Nosy Crow in collaboration with the National Trust


This handy month-by-month almanac is a whizz-bang tour of nature and culture.

January celebrates the pagan festival of wassailing with a recipe for mulled apple juice and includes a bird-spotting guide. February (from the Latin word februum, meaning purification, did you know?) helps readers know their cumulonimbus from their nimbostratus clouds. In March, readers learn to get handy with tools and make a nest box for the garden.

Each chapter is packed with information about constellations to spot, the history of colourful festivals like Holi, and facts about wildlife (including spiders on page 131!).

A friendly and gentle narration make this book suitable for every curious family, no matter how much or little they know about nature. The range of subjects and the bite-sized chunks make it easy to dip in and out of, too.

The books is ideal as it includes simple indoor activities such as making a den in the living room or flower pressing, as well as providing inspiration for outdoor fun like rockpooling or looking for bats.

The celebration of the diversity of cultures and festivals is reflected in the beautifully illustrated characters too, which creates a wonderfully colourful, inclusive and joyous exploration of our world.

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