101 Video Games To Play Before You Grow Up

The Unofficial Must-Play Video Game List for Kids

Publisher: Walter Foster, Jr

You might have heard of Super Mario, Pokemon, Pac-Man and Gran Turismo, but did you know about Parappa The Rapper, Star Fox, Shantae and Rocket League? Detailing 101 video games suitable for children, this encyclopaedic little book gives kids the lowdown on a variety of video games they might not yet have come across, how they compare to other games, and presents bitesize facts about each game on each page.

Split into platform games, action and adventure, sports and fighting, role playing and strategy, puzzle and arcade and party and music games, this is a handy little guide for gaming enthusiasts which may also enthuse kids about reading, albeit with the intention of finding more games to play. However, it’s a good resource for parents and kids, providing a guide to safe and enjoyable games – and a bit of the retro Legend of Zelda fun here and there never hurt anyone.

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