Research - secondary schools

Research - secondary schools

Bookbuzz student and coordinator surveys 2013-14

Book Trust conducted online surveys with Bookbuzz coordinators and students who had received Bookbuzz in 2013-14. Overall, responses were received from 464 coordinators and 1,118 students.


88% of students thought that Bookbuzz was a good idea. Students reported several impacts of taking in part in Bookbuzz, including making them enjoy reading more (52%), helping them to feel more confident about choosing books to read (52%), encouraging them to try different types of books (50%) and to read more often (49%).


Coordinators were also very positive about the impact the Bookbuzz programme has had on students, agreeing that the Bookbuzz programme had encouraged students to read more (87%), given students a more positive attitude towards reading (87%), given students a more positive attitude towards the library (86%) and inspired students to try new authors or genres (83%). Additionally, 97% of coordinators agreed that the Bookbuzz books are of a high quality and 98% agreed that Bookbuzz is a good service for schools.



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School Library Pack survey 2013-14

Book Trust conducted an online survey with schools who had received the School Library Pack in 2013-14. The survey received 1,041 responses (a response rate of 30%) and respondents were mostly school librarians/LRC managers.


The results show that the School Library Pack has been extremely well-received with 99% of respondents agreeing that it is a good service for schools. The majority of respondents reported that the pack would encourage students to try new authors, try new types of books and engage in more discussions about books as well as supporting a culture of wider and more frequent reading for pleasure at the school. Respondents were also extremely positive about the books and resources included in the pack, stating that it was a valuable resource, especially at a time when budgets are tight.



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School Library Pack – special schools survey 2013-14

The School Library Pack for special schools has been extremely well-received with 97% of respondents agreeing that it is a good service for schools. Respondents were also extremely positive about the books and resources provided. Open comments from respondents revealed that the School Library Pack was a very highly valued and welcome addition to the school and was much appreciated by both staff and students.

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Evaluation of Beyond Booked Up 2013-14


Sheffield Hallam University were commissioned to carry out an evaluation of the Beyond Booked Up programme during 2013-14. The evaluation consisted of:


  • An expert review of the 2013-14 Beyond Booked Up resources, looking at how the programme meets criteria related to the new National curriculum, recent policy documentation and research evidence.
  • A survey of Beyond Booked Up coordinators whose schools had been involved in the programme for at least a year to find out how it is being delivered in schools and to gain teachers' views on the programme.
  • Case studies in four schools to demonstrate the characteristics of best practice in using the Beyond Booked Up programme. These involved interviews/focus groups with both staff and students in each of the four schools. The case studies were also supplemented by telephone interviews from an additional two schools.




The expert review concluded that Beyond Booked Up fits well with the new National Curriculum and that the resources are well designed to inspire a love of reading and engage students with different types of texts and genres.


The results from the surveys and case studies showed that schools who had used the resources were generally very positive about them. For example, 93% of respondents felt that Beyond Booked Up was a good service for schools and 96% agreed that the resources were of a high quality.


The case studies highlighted that best practice in using the Beyond Booked Up resources resulted from: time for staff members to explore and discuss the resources with each other; adding the resources into schemes of work or having them specifically timetabled; using the resources to introduce a topic and to enthuse students about a particular genre or type of text; and being able to adapt the resources and use them in flexible and creative ways.

The resources are well-received by schools, fit well with the requirements of the new National Curriculum, and most schools participating in this study feel they make a valuable contribution to the promotion of reading. (p.70)


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School Library Pack


In November 2012 Book Trust carried out an evaluation of the School Library Pack. Surveys were sent out to all participating schools to be completed by the person coordinating the School Library Pack, which was usually the librarian/LRC manager. The survey received 1,360 responses and responses were generally very positive. The majority of respondents agreed that the School Library Pack would encourage students to try new types of books and new authors and support a culture of wider and more frequent reading for pleasure across the school.

'Any books given to the school library are very welcome when school budgets are so tight. They are particularly welcome when they include such quality and wide ranging titles. Thank you.'


'Absolutely delighted with the selection.......and good to have a few more Graphic Novels as these do appeal to the boys - who tend to be the 'reluctant' readers!  Can't believe we've been given these for free as they really are quality books.  Many thanks and much appreciated.'


Following on from this research, Consilium were commissioned by Book Trust to undertake 25 telephone interviews with librarians whose schools received the School Library Pack in 2012. The aim of the research was to gain some more in-depth qualitative feedback from librarians on the resources provided, the success of the pack in their school, the composition and age-appropriateness of the pack and the effectiveness of the supporting resources.



Again the results of the evaluation were very positive with librarians generally reporting that they were happy with the composition and age focus of the pack. The categories of books provided were well-received - the graphic novels were particularly popular - and interviewees were happy with the suggested future composition of the pack. Some useful recommendations for future resources and titles/genres were also gained. Finally, a constant impact reported by all librarians was that students really enjoyed reading the books and using the resources in the pack.


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Booked Up

Booked Up was a national programme that ran for five years from 2007 - 2011.  It gave every 11-year-old in England the chance to choose a free book from a list of specially selected titles during their first term at secondary school. The aim of the programme was to support and encourage reading for pleasure and independent choice. During its five years, Booked Up distributed over 3.25 million books to children across England. Booked Up was run by Book Trust, funded by the Department for Education, and generously supported by children's book publishers.


The Booked Up programme closed in 2012 but you can still view the Booked Up research and evaluation reports.



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