Research - additional support

Research - additional support

Letterbox Club

Research shows that children in care underachieve in education, but evaluation from pilots of the Letterbox Club has shown that providing parcels designed to encourage fun learning has had a demonstrable impact. Many children began to make more significant changes in their standardised score in reading.


Research and Evaluation is an important part of the Letterbox Club. Since the programme began in 2007, there have been regular research undertaken to assess its impact.

Many carers said how important it was that the parcels were addressed to the children and came through the post over a sustained period of time. They had noticed the satisfaction that their children felt in "being remembered" and in being able to organise things for themselves for example, making the games and deciding what to do with the materials they were sent. Children were excited at receiving a parcel, and most were keen to show others what they had.

The Letterbox Club in Wales Evaluation Report 2009-2011, University of Leicester School of Education


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