Get Dads Reading: in pictures

Get Dads Reading: in pictures
16 May 2014

Yesterday we urged all dads to pick up a book and take part in Get Dads Reading Hour between 6pm and 7pm after a recent Book Trust poll showed that 75% of dads admitted lacking confidence when reading to their child.


Many dads took part in the Get Dads Reading Hour, and lots of you got involved via social media to tell us what you'd be reading to your child and what your favourite bedtime story was when you were younger.


Also, to celebrate the event, the Storytelling Express train service treated commuters to a bedtime story on their way from Leeds to Nottingham. Children's book illustrator and author Catherine Vase was on-hand to narrate a classic Winnie the Pooh story to all on-board.


View our gallery and see images of the Storytelling Express, Get Dads Reading workshops and dads reading with their children at home.



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