Young generations of parents lack confidence when reading to their child - let's Get Dads Reading

Young generations of parents lack confidence when reading to their child - let's Get Dads Reading
14 May 2014

A Book Trust poll has found that only 19% of younger dads (aged 16-24) say they enjoy sharing a bedtime read with their children, compared to 78% of older parents (aged 55+).

Furthermore, 75% of dads admitted a lack of confidence when it came to reading to their child - findings by the government's Child Poverty Strategy in February suggests that reading to your child is a crucial part of creating a good learning environment.


Despite the lack of confidence, parents still see reading to children as an important part of their development. A third of parents use funny voices to overcome confidence issues when reading to their child whilst 20% of parents found that reading every day helped.   


Book Trust Chief Executive, Viv Bird, said:

If parents can manage to share a bedtime story every day, their child will be 12 months ahead when they start school. Even reading to them two or three times a week gives them a six-month head start. Book Trust wants to encourage parents to read to their children as often as possible. It's not just about academic success - the bedtime story is a lovely way for parents and children to relax and spend time together.

Get Dads Reading

In order to help dads find a love of reading to their child, as well as instilling confidence, Book Trust will be holding the first annual Get Dads Reading Hour, which will take place on Thursday 15 May between 6pm and 7pm.


To celebrate the event, the Storytelling Express in partnership with Northern Rail will treat commuters on their way home from Leeds to Nottingham to a bedtime read, encouraging dads in the carriages to pick up a book for the very first Get Dads Reading Hour.


Get ready for the hour and get prepared by looking through our tips for reading to children, check out our recommended books and view our map of dads' reading groups.


Dan Snow even took to Twitter to back Get Dads Reading:


Just finished the morning read with my daughter, sun streaming through the window. Today was Shifty McGifty @Book Trust #GetDadsReading

 Although, even Dan Snow runs into problems when reading to his child.


Audio clip: Dan Snow reading a story to his child.




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