Read for My School: launch complete, school sign-up underway!

Read for My School: launch complete, school sign-up underway!
Posted 24 October 2012 by Hannah Davies

It’s been a busy month for Read for My School, the new national schools reading competition that Book Trust is running in partnership with The Pearson Foundation and with support from the Department for Education.

We kicked off with a celebratory launch event on 1 October at The Telegraph Bath Festival of Children’s Literature. Our passionate spokesperson, Jeremy Strong, of The-Hundred-Mile-an Hour-Dog fame, reminded the audience, which included local MP Don Foster and Chair of Bath Council Rob Appleyard, exactly what the initiative is for: getting children to experience the pleasure of reading.

He said: 'Being able to enjoy reading is probably the most important tool you can give a child – it will be with them for the rest of their life.' Jeremy’s speech from the event can be downloaded from his website.

To prove just how much fun can be had around reading, a class of year 6 pupils from Oldfield Park Junior School joined Jeremy on stage to perform eight fantastic poems they had written especially for the launch. Each poem centred on one of the eight categories that children are being challenged to read books from when the competition commences in January. The performers in the winning group, selected via a very technical process of measuring audience cheers, can be seen with their prize of a signed copy of Jeremy Strong’s book Cartoon Kid in the photo below.

Following the launch, Read for My School scooped some great media coverage including an article in Teach Primary and this write-up in The Telegraph

Since then, schools have been signing up for Read for My School in their droves. We’ve currently got over 800 registered, but would love for it to be over 1000 by the end of the month, so make sure your local schools know that they can take part for FREE by registering NOW!

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When is read for my school 2017 going to start


BookTrust reply: Hello, unfortunately we are not running Read For My School this year. Thanks for getting in touch.

Berry B
4 February 2017

my school reads but i do not know how to log in to the website to read

24 September 2016

i need my teen to be into reading do you got interesting books for him


BookTrust reply: Hi Aaliyah, have you checked out our bookfinder? Lots of ideas on there, and you can search by age! Check out

2 May 2016

Very good, amazing!

Adifaah Hussain
10 February 2016

How do you sign up as a student?!?!


BookTrust reply: Hello, you can register and find more information on this here: 

How do you sign up?
15 January 2016

Good programme

Adem z
25 November 2015

i love Zoella books

30 October 2015

Hi Rizwaan,

To take part in Read for my School, your school needs to sign up on the Read for my School website:

18 February 2015


How do i sign up?

Rizwaan Miah
18 February 2015

this is a very good program for kids

8 February 2014

thank you

17 January 2014


22 February 2013

read for my school

13 February 2013

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