Writing in schools

Book Trust schools' programmes encourage children to explore creative writing as well as reading books.

Is your school a writing school?

Use our audit tool to identify the strategies which are already in place to support writing in your school and to set new targets - or create individual writing profiles for your students

Planning a writing project

Follow some simple steps to begin planning an Everybody Writes' project, be it a short-term project for one class, a more ambitious project for the whole school, or even an Everybody Writes Day when you collapse the curriculum to celebrate writing.

Writing games

Creating well rounded fictional characters. Writing games for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 children.


Playwright Rachel Barnett has developed some fun and dynamic workshop exercises to generate imaginative creative writing.

Beyond Booked Up writing

The Beyond Booked Up programme is aimed at pupils in both Year 7 and 8 and includes a range of accessible resources designed to help develop speaking, listening, writing and reading skills for 11- to 13-year-olds.

Bookbuzz whole school writing

Bookbuzz has a whole school approach to writing including good practice case studies, tools to support your planning and ideas for writing projects based on the Bookbuzz books.

The Ant Club writing

Year 1 pupils will receive The Create Your Own Book resource, which allows the child to develop a book of their very own, making decisions about what the book will be about, what they will need and want to include.

The Write Book

Using great books to inspire creative writing. The Write Book project aims to support Year 5 or 6 teachers to run whole-of-year writing projects inspired by classic or popular children's books.