'Connection Lost' - an exclusive short story from Hannah Berry

'Connection Lost' - an exclusive short story from Hannah Berry
Posted 10 December 2012 by Hannah Berry

Presenting... Hannah Berry's exclusive piece of work for Book Trust as part of her residency... and boy, is it a beautiful piece. Collaborating with sci-fi writer James Smythe, she has put together this graphic short story, 'Connection Lost', and it is a scary vision of the future.

Anyway, enjoy... and if you'd prefer to download it and read it on the device of your choice, here's the link to the pdf


Thanks to Hannah for an amazing residency and to her and James for this piece of work.


Download the story


James Smythe was born in London in 1980. Since completing a Ph.D. at Cardiff University, he has taught creative writing, and is currently writer/narrative designer for a major forthcoming video game. He lives on the grounds of a boarding school in West Sussex. He is the author of the books The Testimony and The Explorer.

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That was UTTERLY AMAZING! If people think you don't have a chance in Graphics Novels...IGNORE THEM! They are jealous of you gifts. ROCK ON!

24 December 2012

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