And your new resident is...

And your new resident is...
Posted 2 December 2012 by Hannah Berry

I can see your future, Book Trust blog readers. It is an uncertain, misty future, full of many uncertainties and swirling mists. Out of these uncertain swirling mists of uncertainty steps a tall, dark stranger. I'm getting a name -


Multi-talented award-winning novelist Matt Haig!

Truth be told I don't know how tall a stranger he is as we've never met in real life, but I assure you that his height will have little-to-no impact upon the residency. His book Shadow Forest won the Nestlé Children's Book Prize in 2007 and was in the running for the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize AND the Carnegie Medal, and his latest novel The Radleys was the TV Book Club's People's Choice, so it's clear that he is the business. Plus I've been looking at his website and following him on Twitter and I like the cut of his jib: I think you'll be in safe and entertaining hands.


So, Matt, I hope you have a great time here because I've certainly enjoyed myself. There'll be a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, but I promise it very quickly starts to feel like a nice, warm, weighty but comfortable shawl.


Make yourself at home and have a great 6 months!


Also, Book Trust told me they'd like you to talk about comics. They said that, yeah. They didn't say that to you? Strange. They probably just didn't want to overload you at the beginning…

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