Exciting news

Exciting news
Posted 4 September 2012 by Hannah Berry

You may have noticed there's been a slight delay between the previous post and this one. That's because life, that ever-cleaving monster, just seems to keep hacking away at the hours designated for Serious Working ('Serious Work' in this instance includes both this blog and the new graphic novel I'm supposed to be working on. The important stuff. The Serious stuff). In an ideal world, I'd be Seriously Working with gusto, but in the real world all the odd jobs previously agreed to in flurries of enthusiasm keep muscling in, wielding their looming deadlines. And then mighty chunks of time are torn away by long RSVPed social engagements, before finally the circling household chores swoop down in droves to rip away at the remaining carcass.


Tempus fugit. It fugits all over the place.


Which is why I'm so late with this post. There's no proper excuse like a fire or a ravenous pet eating my work, there's just…no time. And I'm late. And I'm sorry.


The next post will be a bit late too, but that will be for very different reasons. And I'm not sorry, because those reasons are what will make it exciting.


I often meet people who, on discovering that 'I am Author', assume that I must tour the world in a black sequined private jet, alongside my pet snow leopard 'Ventisca' as she laps vintage champagne from a Fabergé egg. They are genuinely disappointed to learn that I wait until the supermarkets are about to close so I can nip in and buy the reduced sandwiches.


I guess there may be some few authors who do live extraordinary and lavish lifestyles, but I think I can safely say that most of us are a long, long way from that kind of thing. Well I am, so I hope everyone else is. Otherwise I'll kick off.


There are many things in my humdrum hey-ho life that happen on a very regular basis: things like getting annoyed because I can't find my favourite pencil, the blue propelling one with the spongy grip. Or getting annoyed because while I've been looking for it my tea has gone cold. Or getting annoyed because during all this EDF still haven't fixed our gas meter.


What happens less regularly - hardly at all actually - is getting invited to a comic festival on another continent. In fact, now that I think about it, that has never happened before last Tuesday.

So last Tuesday I got invited to a comic festival in Colombia.


It's almost 5 years to the day since I went travelling in South America and almost every day now I've been reminiscing about my mochilera adventures, so I am very, VERY excited. I mean wall-of-death-around-the-lounge excited. Were I the kind of person who used extra exclamation marks to denote excitement, I'd have thrown a good five or six of them in, like this!!!!!!!


I'm trying to keep cool about it though, as it's very last minute (in 6 days, in fact) and it could still be derailed by tempus now well-fugitted. So the next time you hear from me it will either be my exciting exploits or my crushing disappointment. You should prepare yourselves either way.


Now if you'll excuse me, it's Ventisca's dinner time…




Isla de Encanta by Pixies



Me voy! Me voy! Me voy! (Espero)

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