Death or Ice Cream?

by Gareth P Jones

Reading Age: 11+

Interest level: 8+

by Gareth P Jones

Larkin Mills is no ordinary town. It's a place of contradictions and enigma, of secrets and mysteries. A place with an exquisite ice cream parlour, and an awful lot of death. An extraordinary mystery in Larkin Mills is beginning to take shape.


Death or Ice Cream is an incredibly clever and delightfully strange collection of short stories that are all connected and set in the eerie town of Larkin Mills. Each story is a treat in its own right, but discovering how they are all connected is a real pleasure. Jones has a tremendous imagination, and in Death or Ice Cream he really lets it soar, with wonderful results. From sharks that swim in the sewers to death defying carnival antics, to deals with the devil, this deliciously dark book has something for everyone. 


Publisher: Hot Key

About the author

  • Gareth P Jones

    Gareth P Jones is the author of The Thornthwaite Inheritance which has been shortlisted for over eleven local book awards and won seven. His first novel for Bloomsbury, The Dragon Detective Agency: The Case of the Missing Cats was shortlisted for the Waterstone’s Book Prize. He has written three more Dragon Detective books as well as the interstellar crime adventure Space Crime Conspiracy. Gareth works as a TV producer and is a talented musician, creating songs for his books. He lives in London and has seven cousins who he never sees when the moon is full!

    Gareth P Jones
    Gareth P Jones

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