Little Bits of Sky

by S E Durrant

Reading Age: 9+

Interest level: 9-12

by S E Durrant

Ira and Jack are no strangers to moving house. They've been moved from place to place since they can remember - and in October 1987, they have to move yet again.


They arrive at Skilly House, a home for foster children, and soon realise that life is about to get very interesting. Not only are they invited on their first ever holiday, but Ira discovers a box of letters under her bed, which unlock a key to the past of Skilly House.


Set against the backdrop of the 1990 poll tax strikes and written in diary-like entries, this is a personal and heartfelt tale of growing up as a child in care. It's wonderfully honest and does not shy away from the heartache of loss and longing. What makes it even more special is how Durant keeps it realistic but maintains a sense of hope and optimism. A must-read - but have a box of tissues at the ready. 


Publisher: Nosy Crow

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