Thirteen Chairs

by Dave Shelton

Reading Age: 12+

Interest level: 12-16

by Dave Shelton

Jack is scared. He's very scared, but he's also intrigued. The flickering, dancing light under the smooth wooden door is faint, but it's clearly there. His trembling hand rests heavily on the cold, metal doorknob. His heart thumps, pounding away at his ribcage like an angry prisoner. Who or what is behind the door in this derelict old broken-down house? And if he can steel himself to twist the doorknob in his hand, does he dare find out?


Jack is 12 years old and endlessly inquisitive. After investigating a local myth about a meeting of souls at a sinister, abandoned old house near where he lives, he finds himself in the middle of the myth he's heard about in hushed whispers. Who are these people? Why are they here? And why do they want him to join them?


Thirteen Chairs is a sophisticated and chilling read. A deftly crafted, spooky thriller, Dave Shelton takes the reader on a tense and atmospheric journey through a series of dark and twisted tales. Creatively navigating a number of adult themes, Thirteen Chairs is a great read for older children and those that love a good scare!


Publisher: David Fickling Books

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