Fishbowl: What The Goldfish Saw As He Fell From the 27th Floor

by Bradley Somer

by Bradley Somer

Ian the goldfish is plummeting from the balcony of a 27th floor apartment glimpsing snippets of the lives of the inhabitants in the building as he goes. Flying past a handsome, cheating cad and his hopelessly romantic girlfriend, the lonely building manager, a crossdressing builder, a bed-ridden pregnant woman, a time-travelling home-schooled boy and an agoraphobic sex worker. Each life is separated by the thin walls but together they cover the complete spectrum of the human experience, from birth to death and from purple lace pants to the perfect quiche recipe.


Every once in a while a book comes along that blows you out of the water, and this is one of them. The exquisite prose flows effortlessly through the weaving stories, some starting at the end, some at the beginning and some right in the middle. They are simple stories of regular people that somehow cover every theme from our concepts of time, physics and maths, to the human condition and the meaning of life.


Somer has created an array of characters who are so perfectly real you cannot help but love them, care for them and feel utterly invested in their outcome. This novel can be read as a straightforward set of intertwined tales, or, if you choose to look deeper everything can take on meaning. Ian, our aquatic narrator, is not just a falling fish but an adventurer who refuses to take the secure option of a long life lived in one place. He is choice, uncertainty and bravery - with a three second memory. You will finish this book with a head that is overflowing with theories and a heart that feels too big for your chest.


Publisher: Ebury
Average rating: 3/5

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this is awsome and nice story for children

Rating: 4 star
17 April 2017


Rating: 4 star
3 nooks
11 December 2016

The fish was jumping from the apartment

Rating: 5 star
8 October 2016

I thought it was a good one but mainly the idea of a story review is that not to give out the story but just give a brief description about it. But what you wrote was nice too..

Rating: 3 star
25 July 2016

i think it was amazing and i really like it.

Rating: 4 star
22 June 2016

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Average rating: 3/5