The World Beneath

by Janice Warman

Reading Age: 12+

Interest level: 12+

by Janice Warman

It's 1976 and Joshua is living in secret with his mother, Beauty in the house she works at as a maid for the brutal Mr Malherbe and his unpredictable wife. Trying his best to keep out of their way and risk getting his mother into trouble he is surprised when one day the lady of the house orders him to run a personal errand for her. A chance encounter and a split-second decision brings a man into Joshua's life who will change him forever.


With an endorsement from Amnesty International UK, Joshua's story is just one voice of a nation of people suffered under a government that refused to see racism as a crime but this short novel could introduce an important part of our very recent history for the first time to many children. Warman keeps the pace swift and the action flowing, with key historical moments and figures running parallel to Joshua's story.


Publisher: Walker Books

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