Stinkbomb & Ketchup-Face and the Badness of Badgers


John Dougherty

Illustrated by David Tazzyman

Reading Age: 7+

Interest level: 7+


John Dougherty

Illustrated by David Tazzyman

Stinkbomb’s tenner has gone missing and he can only conclude that is must be the badgers that have taken it. Badgers are bad; they knock over dustbins, frighten chickens and drive too fast. They must be stopped, and Stinkbomb and his little sister Ketchup-Face are off on a mission to just that.


Their mildly perilous journey includes a visit to the King, the rescuing of a shopping trolley from a river, singing songs about jam and enjoying all the perks of being on a quest in a story has to offer, like meeting enchanted forest animals that need help in return for magical items. But can Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face stop the badness of badgers before the story finishes and their parents get back?

This wonderfully zany story is perfectly paired with the scratchy stylings of David Tazzyman; ensuring fans of Mr Gum will be drawn to this story is a smart move. Sharp wit and genuinely funny storytelling keep everything moving along at a rattling speed. It’s a short read, perfect for primary schools and could enchant a few reluctant older readers too. Clever, surprising and satisfyingly silly.


Publisher: Oxford University Press

About the authors

  • John Dougherty

    John Dougherty was the sort of boy who always had his nose in a book, and he grew into the sort of adult who always has his nose in a book, which is probably why he decided to become a writer. Born and raised in Larne, Northern Ireland, John now lives in Stroud in Gloucestershire with his wife, two children, a few chickens and several bees. He’s a keen singer who has performed solo, with a band, and as a member of three award-winning a cappella groups. He also enjoys running, and has completed the London Marathon three times. A former teacher, John now loves to visit schools to talk about his work. His books have been shortlisted for a number of prestigious awards but, more importantly, they make children giggle.

  • David Tazzyman

    David Tazzyman is the bestselling illustrator of the Mr Gum books (Egmont), which have won lots of awards, including the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. He has also illustrated the picture books You Can’t Take an Elephant on the Bus and The Truth According to Arthur for Bloomsbury.


    David grew up in Leicester, and studied illustration at Manchester Metropolitan University. He lives in Leicestershire with his partner and their three children.

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