Watership Down

by Richard Adams

Reading Age: 11+

Interest level: 12+

by Richard Adams

Young rabbit Fiver is convinced that a great evil is about to befall the warren where he lives - but no one will listen to him. At last he manages to persuade his brother Hazel and a few other brave rabbits to leave behind the safety of the warren, before its too late.  Chased by former friends, under threat from humans and hunted by dogs and foxes, their journey is a dangerous one - but the rabbits can still dream of a peaceful and safe new life at Watership Down.


In spite of its rabbit characters, there is nothing fluffy or gentle about this gripping tale of perilous adventure which won both the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize and the Carnegie Medal. Beautifully evoking the Berkshire countryside in poetic language, it is an exciting, moving and powerful novel.


Publisher: Penguin

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Average rating: 4/5

What you thought

it is the best of all the story i read

Rating: 5 star
18 August 2016

amazing book understood fluently would reccomend for 10 years and over childern allthough they might have difficulty understanding some words, it is a very old story too and shows us how some people believe as how rabbit became the most popular prey.

Rating: 5 star
13 July 2016

It's great, I'm lacking words to say.

Rating: 3 star
V bliss
Port Harcourt, Nigeria
15 April 2016

I like it

Rating: 3 star
25 January 2016

best book ever written!

Rating: 5 star
13 September 2015

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Average rating: 4/5