The Queen's Nose

by Dick King-Smith

Reading Age: 8+

Interest level: 7+

by Dick King-Smith

Harmony's Uncle Ginger sends her on a treasure trail - which ends in finding a 50p piece. But this is no ordinary coin - in fact, when you rub the queen's nose, your wishes will be answered.


Favourite author Dick King-Smith weaves a wonderfully magical and exciting story in this funny family tale.


Publisher: Puffin

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Average rating: 2/5

What you thought

Harmony is a weak looking girl but she is very strong. she has a sister called melody. i like this because it's interesting to read, a good story. i would also recommend gangster granny by David walliams.

Rating: 4 star
7 December 2015

it's a very god book

4 December 2015

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Average rating: 2/5