by Elys Dolan

Reading Age: 6+

Interest level: 4+

by Elys Dolan

If you thought weasels didn't do much except for eating nuts and berries, or hiding in their weasel holes... well, you'd be quite wrong. What they really do is plot world domination - although their dastardly plans don't always quite work out as expected.

This brilliantly entertaining book from Elys Dolan takes inside the weasels' lair, packed with machinery, maps and a top secret laboratory, where powered by biscuits and frothuccinos, the weasels put their plans into action. Each and every beautifully-designed page of this quirky picture book is a delight, from the entertaining endpapers to the busy spreads of the weasels at work, full of funny details to spot that are certain to amuse both children and their parents. A wonderfully humorous debut from an exciting new picture book talent.


Publisher: Nosy Crow

About the author

  • Elys Dolan

    Elys Dolan is the author and illustrator of Weasels. Elys grew up in a part of Sussex, England that consists almost entirely of trees and cows and she was named after a department store in Wimbledon, London. She’s never let either of these things hold her back and Elys recently graduated with distinction from the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. In recent time, Elys has been awarded second place in the Macmillan Prize and was also shortlisted for the Waterstone’s ‘Picture This’ prize.Elys works predominately with ink, newfangled digital witchcraft and coloured pencils of which she is the proud owner of 178 but can never seem to find a sharpener.  Based in Cambridge, when Elys is not drawing she grows cacti, collects pocket watches and spends altogether too much time in the company of other illustrators.

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What a fabulous book! Everyone who sees our copy adores it. Great for a wide age range of children, and anyone with a sense of humour. Makes story time fun for all. Brilliantly illustrated, Charming personalities, buy it!

Rating: 5 star
Mary Hunter
15 May 2013

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